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That’s right! I, Erica Nix, went to Hypnosis School and now expanding my Body Positive Empowerment Mission into the world of Hypnosis. Or is Hypnosis expanding my Body Positive Empowerment Mission?! Either way. . . believe me. . . IT WORKS! Whether you are finally ready to stop smoking, biting your nails, or hating your body, hypnosis is an incredible way to Take Control of Your Life. You can reduce your anxiety, end your phobias, and increase your focus and memory.

Don’t worry, hypnosis is probably NOT a lot of the things you think it is. You won’t leave our session clucking like a chicken. Hypnosis is something that happens to all of us, all day, and every day. Anytime you zone out on a long drive or you are watching tv, you are in a state of hypnosis. We are constantly being bombarded with messages (that we don’t actually want in our subconscious mind) while we are in this alpha brain state.

I like to think of it as “Mr Rogering our subconscious mind.” If you remember, Mr. Rogers started his TV program because he could see how easily children were captivated by the screen. He decided to create his own content that would be full of imagination and love. Of course he couldn’t create ALL of the content ALL of the time, and neither can we. But we CAN take a moment and create something together that your conscious mind wants for you and your life.

After we discuss your goals and dreams, I will relax you into an Alpha state and read you a hand tailored meditation. The entire session should take no longer than 1 hour including our pre-talk around your hopes and/or possible concerns about your session.

Currently, I only have a few types of hypnosis appointments available online because I prepare a unique questionnaire for every issue or goal. However, I can use hypnosis for virtually ANYTHING you desire. Just reach out to me personally by text 512 923 5859. We can have a quick chat, and I’ll prepare something just for you!

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