Preview Tickets to Erica’s First Holy Sh!t

Body Positive workouts for all you Queerdos and Weirdos!

Corporate Wellness

Elevate your workforce with a one of a kind virtual fitness experience! Keep your team happy and healthy with a fun and inclusive workout for the workplace. We’ll bring our mission to make working out fun again to your organization and have you sweatin’ to Richard Simmons style aerobics. Erica and Rocky have led virtual workouts for multiple companies including Adobe, Whole Foods, Outdoor Voices, and NYU. Text or email to book your experience! 

I’m on a mission to make working out fun!

Creating safe and healthy space for all of our unique and beautiful bodies has always been one of my biggest goals, and we’ve been working out together live on my Patreon all pandemic long! I love being able to hang out and work out with friends and strangers all around the country so easily multiple times a week! If you want to do some sweaty dancing, join us Wed. at 6:30pm and Sun. at 11am CST on zoom for Workout! with Erica Nix!

Meet Erica

Erica Nix has been a bright and raucous force in the Austin community for well over a decade. Her performance art, beloved photography, and work as a queer and trans-inclusive, body positive activist and personal trainer is well-documented: from the multitude of activist rallies and demonstrations she’s supported, to being a regularly featured artist at OUTsider Fest and aGLIFF, to winning an Austin Critics Table Award in 2016 for best independent project, Best Personal Trainer Award in 2017 and 2018.

I believe the real power is getting INSIDE your body and learning to love it.